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Please Note:

There was a misprint on the OMG offers Fundraising Book... offer should say:
$50 off a Hosted TBW Party
10% off any DIY kit order
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Service Area

Milton -no travel fee

Oakville- $10 travel fee

Burlington- $10 travel fee

Missisauga- $15 Travel fee

Other areas please contact.

Did you get one of these at a charity event? 

Use it towards a hosted Teddy Bear Party!



All parties include basic face painting!

The basic stuffing party is $299.99 for up to 8 children.(Approx 45min-1hr)

Each additional child/animal is $14.99. Group pricing available. 

Shoeless Joe's Pizza Party add $60 for details click here

Low income? Contact me about a discounted rate. Conditions apply local only.

S P R I N G    S A L E :

   Save  $50  off  regular  priced  parties. 

25% non-refundable deposit required to book a party.

Add Balloon Twisting to your party!

As add on to a party: 

$10 up to 8 Kids             $0.50 each additional child.

On it's own:

$50 first hour                   $35 each additional hour*

*Travel fee may be applied outside of Milton

*Per artist

Basic Animal Land Box

Gift Boxes $2.50 each

10+ $1.99 each

Winter Wonderland Box 

Gift Boxes $3 each

10+ $2.50each

Bear Bags

Gift Bags $4.50 each

10+ $4.00 each

Decorate them @ a party for $6

(Save $1 when 10 or more kids)

Add On Crafts:

  Save $1/child on parties with over 10 children.


Decorate Bear T-shirts - $6.50/child  (Approx 1 1/2-2hr party)

Decorate Bear Bags - $6.00/child (Approx 1 1/2-2hr party)

Make bracelets (1 for them & 1 for the animal) - $4/child (Approx 1hr -1 1/2  party)

Please note: If doing t-shirts or Bear Bags have children wear painting clothes as we use paints that DON'T wash off.

*Times are based on an 8 child party. Additional children makes the party last longer.

Create another crafts as well visit our craft page for more details.


Add a Happy Birthday Tshirt 

for the Birthday Child to colour


HOSTED PARTIES are available in Milton, Oakville, Burlington. Other areas charged a travel fee.

For DYI Kit Pricing visit the DYI link above.